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Airtel updates Rs 349 plan; offers 1.5GB per day validity of 28 days

Airtel is offering 1.5GB per day data with unlimited local, STD calls and 3000 text message.However, Reliance Jio is still offering a validity of 70 days with unlimited calls and text messages. Airtel calls are capped at 250 minutes a day or 1000 minutes a week  beyond this  a levy of 10p per min for Airtel to Airtel calls and 30p per min for other network.The offer can be availed by using Airtel's application.

India to be high-middle income country by 2047: World Bank CEO

India at the 100th place - a 30-notch jump over the previous ranking in ease of doing Business. World Bank CEO Kristalina Georgieva said a jump of this nature is “very rare since the beginning of the survey 15 year ago”. “It is particularly rare when we talk about size of India. I understand that in a cricket-loving nation hitting a century is a very important milestone,” she said.“We know that there is a very strong condition that extreme poverty would be history in India. Extraordinary achievements in the last three decades, the per capita income has quadrupled,” she said. -Indianexpress

Indianomics Special: Desired Framework Of Recap Bonds : CNBC TV18

Latha Venkatesh in special chat with expert panel to discuss recap bonds; The structure, lock-in period and whether government should capitalise PSU banks with rights issue. Indianomics Special: Desired Framework Of Recap Bonds : CNBC TV18

Jaguar-Land Rover (JLR) expects 4,500-unit volume-mark this fiscal year and increase market share to around 14 per cent.

It had already sold 2,942 units in the first nine months of 2017 and expects to touch its target. Last year with a volume of under 2,500 units, we had 8-9 per cent of the market pie told Suri JLR Managing director.The 34,000 units per annum in 2016 luxury car market was dominated by the German trio Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi, respectively -- and JLR comes at a distant fourth slot.

Mutual funds growing at rate of 15 per cent: Kotak Mutual Fund

“Mutual funds are growing at a rate of 15 per cent annually in the country,” KMF National Head. The Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is gaining immense popularity among investors. SIP has been a key focus area at KMF. Our SIP books have grown almost 10 times in the last three years. “Indian mutual fund industry is in a growth phase with investors willing to test equity mutual funds. The Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is gaining immense popularity among investors as an efficient tool for regular and disciplined investments. With SIP, one need not worry about market volatility or timing of market,” he said.

Expect home loan segment to grow by 35-40% for FY18: Indiabulls Housing Finance

76 percent of the home loan market is now below Rs 25 lakh and our average ticket size as a company for home loans is Rs 24 lakh said Gagan Banga, Vice Chairman & Managing Director. Continue to grow at between 35 percent and 40 percent and book will grow by around 30-31 percent and home loan specifically will grow between 35 percent and 40 percent, said Banga. ( Moneycontrol )

Aim to triple revenues in 5-6 years: Havells

Confident of tripling revenues by FY20 to about Rs 20,000 crore in the next 5-6 years through both inorganic and organic play said Anil Rai Gupta, CMD, Havells. He said GST contracted demand for most of their segments and this sluggishness could continue in Q3 as well. we believe that we have either retained or gained market shares in every category said

BSE Ltd is expected a total cash turnover to post 15% CAGR over FY17-20E : HDFC Securities

NSE has market share of ~100% in the derivatives segment, and ~84% in the cash segment. BSE has been losing market share in the cash segment to NSE since 2006, but this has now stabilised in the last 3-4 years. In FY17, BSE had ~16% market share in the cash market. BSE/NSE cash turnover increased at CAGR of 5.5/13.2% over FY05 FY17 respectively. The Central Depository Services Ltd (CDSL) is the 2nd largest depository in India, with 44% market share. BSE holds 24% stake in CDSL. EBITDA has witnessed 22% CAGR over FY13-17 . CDSL revenue/EBITDA/PAT to increase at CAGR of 19/23/17% over FY17-20E.

Talbros Automotive is expected to increase its profit at a CAGR of ~23.9% till FY19 : HDFC Securities

TACL is the leader in the domestic gaskets market (38%) and has been in this business for 7 decades. It has set up three JVs with world leaders, all of which support the auto sector. The company is expected to increase its profit at a CAGR of ~23.9% over next two years has entered into joint ventures with 3 international corporate. 

Store one retail india limited is anticipated to grow at 17 % (CAGR) 2015-2020

Equipment renting services Company provides bespoke solutions in the development and construction of infrastructure and real estate The Company has a large fleet of branded equipment which includes: tower cranes, passenger cum material hoists, boom placers, transit mixers, dumpers, excavators, and framework development of buildings/structures. The Indian management and maintenance market is estimated to grow at 17 per cent and cross USD 19 billion mark over the next five years. “The swiftly growing services sector is creating huge potential for FM services, which is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of around 17 per cent during 2015-2020 and reach to approximately USD 19.4 billion by 2020,” the report by Global Infrastructure Facilities and Project Managers Association (GIFPMA) said.

By 2020, Yes bank will be the top three credit card with 15-18 % market share

“ By fiscal year 2020, we will be the top three credit card players of the country with 15-18 % market share,” said Pralay Mondal, senior group president of retail and business banking of Yes bank. Yes Bank will be offering interest rate of minimum 1.2% per month on its credit cards for which high networth customers are eligible. The industry average stands at 3.4% per month. As on March 2016, there are 24.50 million credit cards in the country with HDFC Bank Ltd. leading the chart at 7.28 million, followed by ICICI Bank Ltd at 3.65 million and SBI Bank Ltd at 3.62 million. Mondal said that “market share is skewed which provides opportunity for us. The current credit penetration is 2% in the country which is expected to be 5% in next five years. The incremental 3% growth provides huge opportunity for new players like us.

Virgin group, and Bharti Enterprise, OneWeb will be launching its satellites in 2018.

Companies racing to launch satellites to provide super fast internet. About 150 satellites weighing 120 kg each would be orbiting the earth taking turns in beaming internet down from the sky. Thus forming a network in space. With the first satellite scheduled for launch in 2018, Astrome is currently in talks with different segments of the markets to provide its internet service. However, “launching the satellite and testing it will be our top priority,” said Prasad HL Bhat, CTO, Astrome Technologies. “Once the network is operational, all  .. Asked about the feasibility of satellite internet, Dr. KT Alex, former Director of ISRO Satellite Centre Bangalore said, “The concept of providing internet from space is viable, however manufacturing satellites costs a lot of money. Once you have the money for investment it is possible”. The Indian firm is currently backed by IISC and other private investors, “We raise funds in stages as per our need,” Satak said, adding that they receive business mentoring from Cisco and Analog dev ..